Works by secondary school ceramics and metals art students will be on display in Wellesley Square

Wellesley High School art students are back to practice and the results will be on display in April at the Clever Hand Gallery at 52 Central St., Wellesley Square.

The Emerging Metal and Clay Artists Showcase will feature nearly 30 pieces, one from each student in the Wellesley High Metals Intensive class taught by Shayla Vines and the Honors Ceramics Intensive class taught by Amie Larson. Select pieces will be on sale during the show, which runs April 4-16, from noon to 5 p.m. daily.

“Hidden Treasures” by Stephanie Potts

“Until the COVID shutdown, the student show had been an annual event at Clever Hand for at least 10 years,” says Ann Schunior of Clever Hand. “We are delighted to welcome them back, and the students are delighted to see their work displayed in a showcase in Wellesley Square.”

WHS Teacher Vines says that in the spring of 2020, the instruction was limited to talking about various jewelers, blacksmiths and sculptors working with metal. “Each class I would choose a new artist to talk about and as a class we would discuss how they created their work and how we could possibly have the same look with what we have in the WHS Metals Studio “, said Vines.

Sophie Scirica - "unfurled flower"
“Flower deployed” by Sofia Scirica

Things came to fruition in the 2020-2021 school year, with a hybrid schedule that allowed studio work (once every two weeks for 80 minutes). During the Zoom class, students prepared as much as they could to be ready “to use precious studio time as efficiently as possible,” the teacher said. All shared tools had to be erased before the next student could use them, per COVID-19 protocols. “I did my best to have students only use workbench tools that I had enough of for the whole class to use at the same time when possible.”

Students have now returned to a pre-pandemic schedule, meeting in person about 3-4 hours a week and producing art deserving of a wider audience.

Wellesley High Metals student Paige Stephenson


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