The Myrth ceramics store opens next to the studio in Somerville

Potters Eric and Abby Smallwood of Myrth, a Somerville ceramics studio, are known for their sturdy porcelain dishes, tumblers and vases in soft earthy colors that exude a soothing quality. The Smallwoods create their unique ceramics on a potter’s wheel, with molds and by slip casting. “Our ceramics are very tactile objects,” says Abby. “Holding them, feeling their weight, the softness of our glazes, and seeing the nuance in the glaze color are experiences that we found important.” In August, the couple opened a small retail store — just 225 square feet — attached to their Union Square studio so customers could see and touch their wares. They set a dining table, just like you’re in their home, with Mryth crockery and other handcrafted tableware they now sell at the store. To complement the dishes and saucers and match their timeless nature, there are hand-blown glasses from Sugahara Glassworks in Japan, textured wine glasses from Italian brand R+D Lab, silver, gold and black from Mepra from Italy, and more. . “We want the items we offer to last as modern heirlooms in someone’s life,” says Abby. Creating this casual yet stylish table top is an investment — plates range from $24 to $42, wine glasses from $40 each to $130 for two, and place settings from $62 to $82 for five. rooms. But these are often collected over time. If you visit, take a look around the store in the studio and you’ll spot the Smallwoods working at their craft. The store is open from Friday to Sunday. 17 Hawkins Street, Somerville. For schedules and additional information, or to book a private tour of the studio, go to


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