The Friday Flyer | Southpaw Ceramics turns 32 tomorrow

Southpaw Ceramics turns 32 tomorrow

Patty Crockett’s Southpaw Ceramics will celebrate 32 years in business in downtown Canyon Lake tomorrow.

When Patty was looking for a location for her ceramics shop, she never even thought to look at Canyon Lake because she said she didn’t think she could afford the rent.

She was surprised to find an affordable location in Canyon Lake. She moved her store from Sun City where the management company, Amber Management, happened to be the same management company for the downtown location.

Patty signed her lease and the rest is history. Since then, she has served the community of Canyon Lake as well as the surrounding communities.

Patty said she loved her little shop and all of her customers.

“When clients comment and say this is therapy for them, they’re not kidding,” Patty said. “I am not only a shop owner, but also a friend and confidant of those who need to escape their daily routine and spend time painting and talking.”

Patty said she wasn’t holding back and tells those who ask her advice what she thinks and how she would handle things. She said she had a real sense of caring for her customers.

Vicki Hamel cleans ceramic pieces during a shift at Southpaw Ceramics in the Canyon Lake Town Center. Vicki is a frequent customer and sometimes an assistant at the store.

Patty has worked with the various Canyon Lake clubs over the years including Canyon Lake Family Matters, Canyon Lake Bassmasters Club, Canyon Lake Tennis Club and Canyon Lake Woman’s Club.

She said she was more than willing to continue helping in any way possible any other Canyon Lake club that needed her support. For example, Patty donated gift cards to the Canyon Lake Library for its reading program.

The shop offers painting evenings by appointment as well as women’s group and Bible study group painting workshops. Southpaw Ceramics also does outdoor firings and sells supplies so customers can work from home or at their local senior centers etc.

Patty is proud to regularly have something new on her shelves.

“If you don’t see something you like,” she said, “you can check the catalog and more than likely we’ll have the mold to do what you want.”

patrons young and old surround a table recently creating artistic ceramics at Southpaw Ceramics. The shop will celebrate its 32nd anniversary in Canyon Lake tomorrow. Photo by Dawn Rankins

Patty teaches different techniques to her clients such as dry brushing, different enameling techniques, antique painting and acrylic oil based painting.

Already finished ceramic pieces are also available for purchase. Pieces can be custom ordered and then painted by Patty or other artists.

Ann French, a customer visiting the shop, said Southpaw Ceramics was her place of therapy.

“It’s the cheapest therapy there is. I love this place,” Ann said. “It’s an old-fashioned ceramic shop and I come one or two days a week for my ‘therapy’. I can come and relax and joke with friends. One thing I am always sure of is that Patty will make every visit fun and relaxing. I have the best friends in the world in Patty and co-painter Vicki Hamel.

Vicki said Patty helped her find her freedom of expression.

“I’ve been visiting the shop since 1991 and love being able to come see the shop for Patty when she needs some time off,” Vicki said. “If I didn’t have this place, I’d be six feet under. I suffered from deep depression due to surgeries and being bedridden and without Patty and this shop I wouldn’t be alive. It’s my therapy.”

Willie McKennis consults Patty Crockett, shop owner of Southpaw Ceramics, regarding the shop’s products. Willie buys supplies there for a senior center in Sun City. Photo by Dawn Rankins

Cathy Keeney from Temecula spent the day with her three grandchildren at Southpaw Ceramics and said it was a great place to come with children.

“I love being here and watching my granddaughters create and express themselves,” she said. “They’re all so artistic.”

Willie McKennis of Sun City said he enjoys supporting local small businesses. He makes his visits to the store to stock up on supplies for the Sun City Senior Center and its ceramics group.

SouthPaw Ceramics is located in downtown Canyon Lake near Domino’s Pizza. For questions or to book a paint party, simply call the shop at 951-244-1195.

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