Sunsets, salsa and ceramics: 6 artistic date ideas in Houston

Handcuffing season has officially begun. sometimes the perfect romantic dinner and the film is not enough to maintain the spark. Busy schedules usually don’t leave much time to find special ways to spend time with your partner or woo your crush, so we’re here to help. The time has come to enjoy the light breeze in the air, go out and have a good time together. Whether you’re with that special someone or looking for an inspiring way to love yourself, here are some of our favorite artistic date ideas around Houston.

1. Listen to live Downtown music.

What better way to bond than through music? Downtown is full of great music venues like House of Blues and 713 Music Hall. But if you’re looking for something low-key, you can also grab a intimate art and music show at Sanman Studios or sample Mexican dishes at Last Coffee Concert while watching one of his (almost) daily concerts.

If you’re looking for a relaxing way to unwind after a long day at work or a cute couple photo shoot, head over to this public art installation by James Turrell on the Rice University campus. You might recognize his glowing work from the underground tunnel of the Houston Museum of Fine Arts, or as inspiration for Drake’s “Hotline Bling” music video. The visit is completely free and the perfect introduction to dinner and wine at Sixty Vinesjust five minutes away.

3. Walk around with an ice cream in an art market in The Heights.

Kick off the weekend with a visit to First Saturday Arts Market in the Heights. It is filled with paintings, sculptures, jewelry and other handicrafts. Take turns choosing artwork for each other and grab a bite to eat from one (or more) on-site food trucks. Once you’ve seen (and hopefully bought) all the art you can handle, stop at Jeni’s for the best artisanal ice cream you will never have.

Open 24 hours a day and always accessible to the public, the MFAH Sculpture Garden is a tranquil getaway in the center of the Museum’s sprawling campus. After walking through the galleries of each building (yes, see them all), bring your snack of choice from Cafe Leonelli and enjoy some peace and quiet.

5. Take a salsa dance class at Taiga in Midtown.

Wednesday evenings have become much warmer. Enter Taiga for a dancing break with Latin Dance Factory pop-up salsa class. The lounge has a full bar and food menu. If you can’t make it to Taiga, you can also take salsa lessons at Vineyard Sand Gate, Social beer gardenand elsewhere.

6. Craft something that will last at 3rd Coast Clay Studio in Independence Heights.

If you need a recurring appointment idea, sign up for 8 Weeks of Ceramics at 3rd Coast Clay Studio. Use your hands to create memories, improve your patience and exercise your creativity. If you have an appetite, get yourself a plate of pasta from Bellisimo on your way home.

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