Scenic City Clay Arts Announces Clean Green Ceramics Certification

Scenic City Clay Arts is the first community studio in the United States to successfully complete its Clean Green Ceramics certification.

Clean Green Ceramics is an education, accreditation, certification and support organization that assesses the environmental management of ceramic artists and ceramic manufacturing locations, such as residences, studios and educational institutions. As part of their certification, SCCA conducted an environmental management audit and developed an environmental policy and action plan that addresses their specific facilities and communities.

“I am truly impressed with Scenic City Clay Arts’ commitment to environmental stewardship and building a community that cares about their use of resources and energy,” said environmental activist Dr. Wendy Gers and founder of Clean Green Ceramics. “They are a beacon of leadership in terms of delivering positive messages and implementing concrete measures to reduce their environmental impact.”

SCCA began their Clean Green journey in 2020 as they also worked on opening a second studio. “The certification process has made us more aware of how environmental resources are obtained and used in an art studio, including electricity and water and our raw materials like clay and glaze,” said Joy Key, Executive Director of the SCCA. “We were able to identify areas where we can impact sustainability both in our studio practice and through our education platforms.”

The certification process was made possible through a grant from the Lyndhurst Foundation, known locally for its support of environmental initiatives, as well as the arts.

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