Raleigh’s Nonprofit Metal Workspace Offers Community Building, Supplies Equipment, and Classes

RALEIGH, NC (WTVD) – ShopSpace, a nonprofit metalworking space near downtown Raleigh, provides community building by providing equipment to the local metalworking community as well as classes communities to learn how to start working with metal.

ShopSpace was created by people who love to create and get dirty with their hands. They strive to provide a safe, supportive and creative environment for people who wish to use the space.

“ShopSpace is designed to meet the needs of anyone who wants to build something. What excites us is that after someone completes a course, they come to us with a project,” said the co -creator of ShopSpace Lucas House.

The space focuses on blacksmithing, crafting, knife making and jewelry. Classes offered include welding classes, blacksmithing classes, jewelry making, knife making, and more.

“ShopSpace is what it is because of the community that is involved in our operation and participation,” House said.

As the space gains support from the local creative community, House’s growing priority is to provide a flexible and functional space for members of the nonprofit.

Many community members stay involved with ShopSpace by teaching the courses they started with.

“A lot of our instructors now are people who started with us from scratch,” House said.

In addition to the wide skill level of community courses offered by ShopSpace, they also provide free time for metalworkers who want to work on their own projects.

You can find ShopSpace at 1505 Capital Blvd #18, Raleigh, NC 27603.

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