Northland College receives grant to build new ceramic kiln

ASHLAND, WI – Northland College students and community members build a new oven after receiving a grant from the Wisconsin Arts Board.

The kiln is a welcome addition to the college’s art curriculum.

“It creates an incredible opportunity to fire a kiln differently,” said assistant art professor Lauren Duffy. “Doing a reduction firing gives you a different glaze effect than just an electric kiln. It will create opportunities to craft different things, like using paper and burning it, or using organic materials like flowers.

Community members will gain hands-on experience building the kiln during a week-long workshop prior to public events.

“I’m very keen on having the community involved in what we do,” Duffy said.

Area residents will have other opportunities to use the kiln, including the college’s community ceramics course.

The art program will also work with the school’s Native Cultures Center to engage artists from area tribal nations.

The college is hosting an open house on Monday, July 25 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. for the community to learn about gas downdraft furnaces.

Northland College is a private environmental liberal arts college in Ashland, Wisconsin, located a few blocks from Lake Superior in the woods of northern Wisconsin.

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