Meticulously detailed ceramics by Kaori Kurihara Concoct Fantastical New Fruits

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#ceramics #fruits #sculptures

January 3, 2022

Anna Marks

All images © Kaori Kurihara, shared with permission

Japanese artist Kaori Kurihara (formerly) creates ceramics resembling otherworldly fruits that appear to have grown in a magical rainforest or exist in a children’s book. Kurihara’s sculptures take a creative spin on the shapes and textures found in thistles, tropical dishes and other fruits. One of its pieces, for example, resembles a purple durian with a brown seed-like head, while another is textured like a pineapple and features an artichoke-like top.

Kurihara studies the geometric repetition found in edible plants and reproduces their repeating patterns in similar ceramic forms, often enhancing their color. Each piece is delicately and meticulously crafted, and Kurihara first builds the base and then adds the details, carving patterns into the main shape using his hands and a series of tools.

The artist studied pottery at SEIKA University in Kyoto in addition to jewelry making in France, where she learned the enameling techniques she now uses to create her sculptures. To see more of his work, visit his site and Instagram.

#ceramics #fruits #sculptures

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