Meet the Owner – Stuffington’s Ceramics And More

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Owner Claire Bruining (right) holding Loki with oven room manager Colleen Hannon (left)

There is plenty of space in the store that you can also rent out for private parties and special events.

They are located across from Silver Lake Park at 1327 112th Street SE #C in South Everett.

The pandemic has turned a lot of people around. That was the case with Claire Bruining, owner of Stuffington’s Ceramics and More in the Silver Lake neighborhood south of Everett, Washington.

Claire owned an event planning business, but when the pandemic hit in 2020, the event market dried up. Among the events popular with his clients were ceramic painting evenings.

She brought the ceramics to be fired at the shop in Silver Lake, which had three kilns. When the shop owner expressed interest in retiring, Claire saw an opportunity.

“Stuffington’s is more than ceramics, it’s a community center,” Claire told me when I met her at a Paint pumpkins with the police band earlier this month.

Stuffington’s has hosted wedding rehearsal dinners, baby showers, birthday parties and more.

They also offer a wide range of classes, including hand and machine sewing, woodblock paneling, resin casting, and most types of crafts you can imagine.

On Wednesdays they offer a coffee shop and craft club. Teen parties are common, and they also invite the public to come in and relax and feel comfortable when it’s too hot or too cold at home.

Stuffington’s also partners with local businesses. This week they held a Royal Tea Party at Piroshky & Crepes where children were invited to paint teacups.

They teamed up with Shawn O’Donnell’s to design a pint and St. Patrick’s Day themed parties.

“We love engaging with the community,” Claire said. “We’re also big Disney nerds and gaming nerds and like to plan unique experiences for people.”

Stuffington’s Ceramics and more is open seven days a week. You can find out more on the website here or visit their Facebook page.

If you want to call, the number is (425) 337-6306, but I suggest you stop and visit the store and speak to Claire or her oven manager (and head chef and bottle washer) Colleen.

Also be sure to say hello to Loki, the official mascot of Stuffington’s Ceramics and More.

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