Martha Stewart sells a ceramic replica of the Nativity she made in prison

It’s the season to buy Martha Stewart’s prison ceramics.

Stewart sells a 14-piece nativity scene that is an exact replica of the ceramic set she made while serving time in federal prison.

Nativity set

Martha Stewart


In 2004, the lifestyle mogul was convicted of conspiracy, obstruction of justice and misrepresentation during an investigation into alleged insider trading. She served a five-month stint at Alderson Federal Correctional Camp in West Virginia, and spent months after that completing house arrest and probation. But as the 80-year-old arts and crafts icon revealed on a recent TikTok, she hasn’t let her time in prison stop her from getting into the holiday spirit.

In the video, Stewart refers to her Nativity figures as “a really beautiful and special gift this Christmas with a little street cred.” She continues: “They are all inspired by – guess what? – a set I did when I was confined. … These are exact replicas of a Nativity scene I made in my pottery class when I was at camp.

Showing the original pieces, which still bear her inmate ID number on the bottom, she says, “These are the ones I made and glazed and painted in a beautiful drabware color.” The reproduced set has been replaced by an ivory white glaze.

The set, consisting of three camels, two shepherds, two oxen, three Magi, an innkeeper, a baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph, is currently on sale on its website for $120.

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Stewart reflected on his time while incarcerated in an interview for BAZAARMarch 2021 issue. “I knew I was strong coming in and I was definitely stronger coming out,” she said of this time in her life. “It was a very serious event in my life. I take it very seriously,” she added. “I’m not bitter about it, but…. My daughter knows all the problems that resulted. There are several of them.”

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