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Some may know her as the Bond girl in John Glen’s 1989 License to kill, but actress Carey Lowell leads a quieter life these days. Living in rural North Haven, New York, Lowell has taken advantage of her quarantine to fully immerse herself in her love for ceramics.

Recently, Lowell launched its own line of porcelain vases, bowls and plates, which are featured on its website. Splitting her time between her New York home and coastal Montecito, California, Lowell sold her pottery at various local events, but also commissioned pieces for friends and fans of her work.

“It’s a career move,” Lowell said of her ceramic line. “It’s just like an extension of who I already am. It’s kind of an expression of creativity that I control, that I can do myself, that I don’t wait for someone else to do. It’s much nicer to be independent that way.

Lowell burst onto the Hollywood scene as a model in the 1980s, after being photographed by Peter Lindbergh and Bruce Weber. She then starred in films such as License to kill, Insomnia in Seattle and ferocious creatures, with hit tv series Law and order. More recently, Lowell was seen as a guest star on Blue blood.

What started as an occasional ceramic hobby in high school art class never really left her – Lowell signed up for classes at New York’s Greenwich House Pottery studio more than 20 years ago. years, and continues to return to this day. However, it wasn’t until the pandemic that Lowell’s creative hobby became something she could truly pursue.

“During quarantine I just had the freedom to devote all my time to it, whereas before I always had to reluctantly leave my studio and go off for some kind of social engagement or something,” said Lowell. “Now I had no reason to leave, which was exciting. I was happy to be in [the studio]. I think my work has grown as a result because it’s the kind of stuff where you really have to put a lot of time into it for it to develop and grow. And I was able to. »

Carey Lowell Ceramics
Courtesy of Jenny Gorman

As for her artistic inspiration in such an isolated time, Lowell said nature was key.

“My inspiration is definitely something organic, anything in nature. I’m looking at a big field in my house, so I’m constantly watching creatures go by, or [seeing] all the different seasons.

She added: “It’s weird because sometimes my stuff is really feminine in a way. And I don’t really always think about myself. [that way], I consider myself more of a kind of tomboy. So it’s interesting. It’s weird that it comes out like that in my ceramics.

Before participating in local sales to showcase his work, Lowell used to give away his pieces for free to interested friends. Now that there is more demand, she doesn’t know if she alone can meet it.

“I’m a little scared of being overwhelmed because it’s just me in the studio,” the actress said. “I don’t have an assistant, so I can only do so many things. As for [upcoming sales] I just sort of loaded the inventory.

Lowell recently participated in a holiday art sale at The Church, a nonprofit arts center in Sag Harbor, New York, founded by artists Eric Fischl and April Gornik, as well as a summer sale hosted by by Amanda Ross in Southampton.

Despite the career change, Lowell isn’t averse to revisiting her acting days, confirming that she did not “turn [her] go back on [acting] entirely.”

“It’s just that ceramics is the path I take, and it seems to be the most supported and it’s the thing that I get the most positive feedback on. It really makes me feel good to do it, and for people to react, it’s even better,” she said.

Law and order, in which Lowell starred as ADA Jamie Ross in seasons seven and eight, recently confirmed the start of production on the show’s 21st season revival.

As well as working as a ceramic artist, Lowell is also a mother of two – a daughter she shares with actor Griffin Dunne and a son from her former marriage to Richard Gere.

For those inspired to try pottery, Lowell says “absolutely go for it.”

“Find your nearest ceramics class and go get your hands on some clay. Your life will never be the same,” she advised. simply because it’s incredibly rewarding. And fun!”

Lowell was recently featured in Meet My Project and Pier Paolo Pitacco’s book 1000 vases, a European release of the best and most original ceramists in the world.

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Carey Lowell
Courtesy of Jenny Gorman

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Carey Lowell Ceramics
Courtesy of Jenny Gorman

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