Kim Kardashian causes uproar in her ‘animal skin’ handbag as she poses in private jet

Kim Kardashian donned casual clothes designed by ex-husband Kanye West to travel comfortably, but fans were more distracted by her purse

Kim Kardashian’s animal skin handbag doesn’t appeal to fans

Kim Kardashian has a lavish wardrobe at her disposal, but her oversized animal skin handbag has sparked furore among animal lovers.

The reality TV star shared photos from her private jet and as her baggy pants possibly from the ex-West’s Yeexy collection and her black tank top showed her a fashion game combined with an orange jacket. in fur – her nude-skinned crocodile bag was not a hit with fans.

Posing with its characteristic pout from its luxurious airplane seat, Hermes’ apparent crocodile-skinned Burkin bag could be seen resting at his feet in the middle of the carpeted interior of the airplane.

She has previously been spotted with a Himalayan crocodile Nilo Birkin, which is believed to have cost £ 80,000.

Fans wonder if the fashion icon should use animal skins in her accessories

In 2014, Hermès collector Jane Finds told Vogue: “The 12-inch Himalayan Birkin diamond is perhaps the rarest and most desirable handbag in the world.”

Named the Himalayas after the snow-white hue of the bag, albino crocodiles are very difficult to find and the skill required to dye crocodile skin to such a degree is astronomical.

Kim’s post was captioned with a blowing kiss emoji, but there wasn’t much love for her accessories as many started a #dropcroc campaign criticizing her use of the animal skin bag.

One of them posted: “This bag is made of at least 5 abused crocodiles. It’s a shame these animals have to live and die for something as useless as a bag.”

Another added: “Kim, this bag is hideous. Check out how it was made at kindnessprojectorg #dropcroc

Kim Kardashian was spotted with rare Burkin crocodile skin bag



A third replied, “#dropfang because it’s not okay to wear tortured wild animals as shoes, or whatever.”

A fourth simply posted: “No crocodile skin bags please.”

And in direct plea, one of them added, “You are beautiful, but please don’t use fur or other ‘exotic’ skins. This is not fashion, that’s exploitation and cruelty to animals. You’re smarter than that. Thank you. “

Mirror Online has reached out to representatives for Kim Kardashian for comment.

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