How to get the Animal Skin and Gratitude gift box in Lost Ark

If you’ve ground in lost ark Since the game’s release in the West, Smilegate has been offering a whole host of great freebies that you’ll want to grab in the recently released Gratitude Gift Pack.

You can acquire these gift boxes by logging into an account and clicking on the product inventory icon at the top left of the screen, which looks like a box with a curved arrow in it. In this sub-menu, you will be able to claim both packs and open them through your usual inventory menu.

The Gratitude Gift Pack contains two chests containing several different items, including a good amount of Pheon, two selectable legendary cards, a free hoverboard stand, a new pet, and a new animal skin. These animal skins range from many different creatures, like dinosaurs, cats, chickens, rats, cows, and penguin suits that you can wear while exploring Arkesia.

A composite image of cosmetic gifts given to players commemorating a successful launch.
Screenshot via Lost Ark

Players also receive a free reskin ticket to customize their character’s base appearance, which usually costs around 800 Royal Crystals. The other chest contains a collection of different stones and special materials that you can use to improve equipment and other aspects of your character. However, you can only claim these gift boxes for one character on your account.

There should still be some freebies to come later since the Jukebox songs discussed earlier this month didn’t make it to the Western version of lost ark just now. Once this content is added, it should also be available to players in a gift pack.

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