Haw River Metallurgy Company Expands in Downtown Graham | Business

Maricle Metals, a Haw River metal decorating company specializing in unique handmade items, is expanding and will soon be opening a new boutique in downtown Graham.

All Maricle Metals products are made with steel or metal sourced from Reidsville and they can create anything from business signs and yard art to fireplaces and grates.

Maricle Metals’ new shop will be located at 101 East Harden St. in downtown Graham. The building was once a mid-20th century gas station and Jillian Maricle, owner and operator of Maricle Metals, told the Mebane company her plan was to maintain “the feel of an old gas station.”

“We’re going to put antiques there, have Esso signs so that we can kind of stay with the era theme of the original store, because it’s a porcelain store,” Maricle said.

Maricle added that there was a lot of interest in their new location but, when contacted, the owner loved “the idea of ​​someone from the area coming in and bringing something different to so much people”.

Currently, Maricle Metals and her husband Cameron’s company, CM Mobile Welding, operate out of Maricle’s garage.

Maricle doesn’t remember exactly what sparked the idea of ​​starting Maricle Metals, but she does recall that her husband had the idea of ​​expanding his existing business by creating custom vehicle parts and equipment, as well as get into metal decorating, to earn extra money. during the pandemic.

The next step in doing these things was to get a plasma table, which allows users to design custom parts cut from all types of metal. So the couple saved up and were able to purchase a 4ft by 8ft Torchmate CNC plasma table – and Maricle Metals was born in August 2020.

Maricle taught herself to design and cut metal parts using the plasma table and her design program, and runs the entire operation herself.

When she started out in her business, she worked full time as a nurse in addition to starting Maricle Metals. As time has passed and the business continues to thrive, Maricle is now working part time as a nurse and is able to devote more time to managing Maricle Metals.

“I love the creativity it gives me and the outlet it gives me, I really appreciate it. Every day while I do it I tell myself how much I love it, ”she said. “So it’s really cool to finally have a job where it’s just a constant, ‘Man, I love doing this,’ and it just makes you feel good.”

Maricle added that, given the pandemic, being able to spend time creating metalwork has also been a great way to decompress after a nursing shift.

Parts can be ordered from the company’s website, but Maricle Metals also takes commissions for custom parts. All signs are created to last, no matter where they are placed.

“All of our panels and parts can be custom made, and they are either powder coated or painted with a high quality paint, but most are powder coated for interior and exterior durability, which contributes to longevity and prevents rust. “

For Maricle, creating bespoke pieces and making people’s dreams come true is the best part.

“People will be sending pictures all the time like, ‘Hey, can you do that? »», She declared. “And we say to ourselves, ‘Of course’. This is what I really love to do, people can have an idea or a dream and I can make it come true for them.

You can find more information about Maricle Metals and their products on their website: https://www.mariclemetals.com/.

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