Dutch Woman Caught Trying To Sell Endangered Animal Skin

A Hudson Valley woman has been nailed after the DEC said she tried to sell an endangered animal skin online.

The New York Department of Environmental Conservation has announced that it has seized a leopard skin illegally sold online. The DEC says it uncovered an advertisement for genuine leopard skin that went online in October. An investigator responded to the ad, asking for more information about the sale and offering to meet the seller in person.

Authorities say Beacon’s Kimberly Sauer was selling the leopard skin for $1,400. When the DEC agent arrived, he asked for the authenticity of the item. It was then that Sauer allegedly assured the officer that he was genuine. Another DEC agent waiting nearby responded to the illicit sale and seized the animal’s skin.

It is illegal to sell skins or furs of endangered species. This can result in hefty fines and even jail time. Many people don’t realize that the ban also includes vintage fur coats made from animals on the endangered species list.

Sauer was not selling a coat, but what appears to be an entire leopard skin, including its tail. The Beacon woman was fined $500 and the skin was confiscated.

Those who own endangered animal skins or fur coats cannot sell them, but they can be saved and passed on to other family members. Those looking to get rid of fur coats can donate them to relief organizations like Cuddly coatswho uses them as blankets to comfort injured animals.

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