Christine Quinn doesn’t care about wearing animal skin; “PETA Come kill me”

Sunset sale Star Christine Quinn presents her collection of designer clothes, bags and accessories in the Netflix series. Much to the dismay of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), the celebrity covets their furs and leathers. Find out why Quinn doesn’t care to wear animal products.

Christine Quinn | Netflix

‘Selling Sunset’ is back with 2 more seasons

Netflix announced Sunset sale returns with two more seasons. Considered the first “docusoap” of streaming platforms – a show that follows a group of people going about their lives – Sunset sale shows some of Los Angeles’ most successful real estate agents. Many fans of the series have grown fond of the cast, including Chrishell Stause, Mary Fitzgerald, and Quinn, among others.

“It’s official!” Quinn wrote the Instagram. “Seasons 4 and 5 of Sunset sale on Netflix is ​​officially renewed and confirmed! A release date for Sunset sale season 4 has yet to be announced.

Christine Quinn is expecting a baby

At the end of Sunset sale Season 3, Quinn married Christian Richard in an extravagant Gothic wedding ceremony. At the reception, the drama surrounding Stause’s divorce with It’s us star Justin Hartley has come to a head. Stause ended up leaving Quinn’s reception after Davina Portratz berated her with comments regarding the shocking separation.

Regardless of the drama that unfolded at her wedding, Quinn is happily married to Richard. Today, the couple are expecting a child. “I’m going to be a mom!” Quinn shared on Instagram March 3, 2021.

“My heart is already overflowing with love and gratitude for this little life in me”, Sunset sale star continued. “I am humbled, amazed and inspired. It’s already a feeling like no other I’ve ever had, and all I can think of is how we can be the best parents possible. We can’t wait to start our family!

Christine Quinn loves to wear furs and leather and she has no plans to quit

As one of the show’s more outspoken personalities, many weren’t surprised to learn of Quinn’s passion for purchasing animal skin products. “I love the exotic,” Quinn said Nylon in May 2020.

Despite today’s hyperconscious lifestyle, Quinn still wears all the leathers and furs she wants. “PETA come kill me, I don’t care,” she continued.

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Travel is what inspires Quinn’s passion for exotic prints. “I like to get something really cool that’s unique to this country,” she told the fashion magazine. “I was in Germany and had the most amazing crocodile bag. For me, these are the pieces that are so present that I can keep them for the rest of my life. ”

Quinn’s largest collection of exotic items has to be her handbags. “I to like hand bags; they’re my thing, ”she admitted. “Collecting exotic handbags is so much fun for me. I want to keep them and pass them on to my little girls when they are older. For me it’s fair hand bags ! ”

Quinn has yet to say whether they are expecting a boy or a girl, but if it’s a ‘little Christine’ fans can bet the reality TV star will pass on her collection of exotic prints. .

The “Selling Sunset” star used to be vilified

While Quinn’s love for furs and animal hides bothers some, she’s used to being the bad guy. After season 1 of Sunset saleQuinn felt like the show portrayed her in a bad light. “There were some things the editors had promised not to put on, like the dementia commentary,” Quinn added, reflecting on what she said about Stause.

Now Quinn is more careful and aware of what she is saying when the cameras are there. Quinn knows the show should be entertaining. With this in mind, she strives “to be [herself]dress fabulous and be funny ”because that’s all viewers will remember.

Fans can expect this trend to continue into Seasons 4 and 5. If Quinn decides to include her child in the series, fans can expect to see some of her personality rub off on the show as well. small.

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