Ceramics students end their semester with a self-directed project | VTX

Architecture 3514, a course in media topics related to design, equips students with basic skills and techniques related to photography, printmaking, watercolor, and ceramics through hands-on experience.

This course is Architecture 35, 14. It is a course on media topics related to design. Thus, at the School of Architecture Plus Design, Architecture 35, 14 includes a whole group of courses that are intended to be really practical for the student. So ceramics for example, engraving, photography, watercolour, there is a digital medium. There are plenty of offerings across the school in this spirit of designating subjects specifically like ceramics. In the fall, I offer a hand-building class at this. The students are doing pinch jars, pops, lab jars, and we’ll be throwing jars each for a few weeks. And then at the very end of that semester, like some of the projects you’ve seen today, the students try to wrap up so they choose an appropriate technique for the forum they want to create. And they’re really showing me that they’ve designed a pot that they can apply the technical methods necessary to finish it and then finish it all the way shooting and having fun. The course is open to anyone from the School of Architecture and Design. And then all those who maybe recruit minors in industrial design or landscape architecture. So for the most part it’s architecture, landscape architecture, interior design, and industrial design. Then, it is mandatory for our minor programs. So it’s November, the students are working really hard on all their design projects to get them finished. The last project we have in our ceramics class is a self-directed project. And so we would look at a pot and then say what could be better, how could you make it different, or how could you go further? So often I take little pieces of clay and shape them for the students and then try them out, show them the best techniques. And then their job is to interpret that technique and try to achieve whatever they’ve drawn.

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