Ceramics and Concerts in the Pottery Cooperative – The Oberlin Review

This semester, ExCo members and students showcased their work at Maker’s Markets and the Empty Mugs fundraiser. Maker’s Markets are held several times during the school year and give Oberlin students the opportunity to sell their projects. Empty Mugs is an annual charity event where Pottery Co-op members compete to see who can make the most mugs and bowls to sell. All proceeds will go to Oberlin Community Services.

Recently, Dalia Tomilchik, Pottery Co-op’s acting co-chair and third-year college student, transformed the co-op into an event space to promote community bonding and membership.

“I just felt like this year people weren’t as connected because of [COVID-19], so I wanted to throw a party so everyone got to know each other,” Tomilchik said. “A lot of new people came in who weren’t even part of the Pottery Co-op, but now they are. I feel like it built a community.

Located in the backyard of the co-op, the concert featured several Oberlin students and many genres, including noise musician Coronet, indie band Family Picnic and house-style musician DJ Sour.

Concert in the backyard of the cooperative. Photo by Dalia Tomilchik.

“I wanted to do this for a long time, and finally I set a date and texted people asking if they wanted to play,” Tomilchik said.

As the Pottery Co-op works to increase accessibility of information, Oberlin College and community members can find member information on the Pottery Co-op Instagram @oberlin.pottery .coop.

“I love all the mechanical parts of it, and it’s such a good learning experience too,” said Tomilchik. “A lot of the art department within the college doesn’t really give you the full experience; you learn part of something. But here you learn how to make clay, how to use clay, and how to make everything from start to finish.

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