Blacksmithing and metalworking demonstration at the Orcas Center

Blacksmithing and metalworking demonstration at the Orcas Center

Submitted by the Makers Guild

With orange hot forge burning, seeing heated hard metal shapes transform into soft shapes hammered under an artist’s hammer is an amazing transformation of materials and form. At Zack Leck’s forge on the island of Orcas, teams of workers – and learners of all ages – discover the alchemy of steel and bronze. From small wall hooks to 40-foot-long public art sculptures, Zack hammers the imagination into solid form, creating both utilitarian and artistic forms.

Intriguing about kinetic movement and balance, there are doors that open effortlessly with unexpected counterweights, ginkgo leaves that twirl in hanging sculptures, crabs that look like they’re ready to scale the wall, and a bird feeder. birds over 12 feet tall with multiple hanging wrought bronze bowls. Scattered across the islands there are balustrades of madrones and tree branches, gates made from found and repurposed farming tools, whimsical swings for young and old, archways and gazebos full of life and heart. – all thanks to the wonderful imagination of Zack Leck. Kids slide down the slide and climbing structure at Orcas Village Green, and ferry enthusiasts can walk along a vast forest of metallic kelp at the ferry landing.

This Friday, September 30, Leck is setting up a blacksmithing and metalworking demonstration at the Orcas Center and will be showcasing work at the Island Bounty exhibit. You are invited to come see his work in action and appreciate his sculptural creations in metal and wood. Opening night is from 4-7pm and is free to the public.

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