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A free ceramics workshop for BIPOC youth (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) will be available at the Cedar Hill Recreation Center in April.

A talented artist and teacher, Suvreet Juhal will lead the workshop, aimed at young people aged 12 to 18.

“When you look at examples of ceramics, it’s usually the European works that are mostly highlighted,” Juhal said. “Bringing the young people of BIPOC into what may seem like an overwhelmingly white space helps open up this avenue of artistic exploration.”

The long-heralded neo-classical style of art means that African, indigenous and Asian styles are more easily lost, Juhal added. The workshop will give young people the opportunity to understand the history of the whole world, and then put their own stamp on it.

“This is a free workshop because we wanted to remove barriers to participation and Saanich Community Services covers the cost,” said Community Arts Specialist Brenda Weatherston.

Other partners in organizing the workshop include the Cedar Hill Arts Center and the Victoria High Students of Color Association.

Vic High band member Danya Elkhidir is excited to celebrate culture and diversity in the community and provide opportunities for people to celebrate their differences.

“I hope this project and initiative will help young people at BIPOC know that they matter, and even though they sometimes feel invisible, that opportunities like this will help them feel seen and heard. C t is a chance to give young people in BIPOC positive role models and connections in their place of life by organizing initiatives like this,” said Elkhidir.

Farheen Haq, visual artist and BIPOC community member, added that bringing young people together in this way is a gift for future generations of creatives in Greater Victoria. “Art is a form of healing and creative thinking, and our racialized youth and their communities will greatly benefit from this experience.

The workshop takes place April 10 and 24 from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. To register, call the Cedar Hill Recreation Center at 250-475-7121 or go online at

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