“Before Your Eyes” displays neglected beauty in contemporary painting

Tiger hits an asteroid, Greenville’s newest artist network, opens its inaugural exhibition “In Front of Your Eyes” in Greenville Creative Arts Center October 4. Paintings by Hannah cole, Jodi Hays and Celia reisman will be on display in the main space of the Brandon Mill gallery through November 27.

The title of the exhibition hints at the concept of connection between these three artists – overlooked beauty or intrigue hidden in the common. Organized by the co-director Marc Brosseau, “Before your eyes” starts Presence of TSA in Greenville with what may at first appear to be a traditional art exhibit.

“I really wanted to present an exceptional painting exhibition that might seem traditional, but which, on closer inspection, reveals ideas that upset our expectations about what figurative painting is,” explains Brosseau. “This job is all about digging deeper and taking note of things that you would normally overlook. It is still a progressive position.

Living in Asheville, Cole goes beyond the overlooked elements and captures the unwanted elements in his works. Whether his subjects are graffiti or weeds, Cole finds beauty in display for others to discover.

Hays, who is based in Nashville, interprets everyday objects and patterns around her based on their basic visual elements.

“Hays and Cole are both wonderful examples of some of the exceptional paintings that occur in the Southeast,” says Brosseau. “I wanted to make sure that TSA GVL’s first show included a strong presence from the region, and these two performers fill that role.”

Located further north in Philadelphia, Reisman reflects the intricacy and hidden details of the surrounding landscapes and neighborhoods.

“[Reisman] does some of the best paintings that exist in my opinion, ”says Brosseau. “The decisions made in his paintings are filled with perfect subtlety and nuance – there is no part of his work that is not taken into account. Its motif is an experience rather than a simple place.

“Before Your Eyes”, which is sponsored by Coldwell Banker Caine, is considered a very strong exhibition of contemporary painters by GCCA Curator of Programs Liz Rundorff Smith.

The artwork is conceptually sound and will represent a range of painting techniques and mastery of various painting mediums, ”said Smith. “It’s really beneficial for artists to have the opportunity to connect with other artists – it’s an opportunity for growth that comes by finding new influences and studying different techniques.”

To celebrate its first exhibition, TSA GVL raffles local, regional and other artwork to raise funds for TSA’s future physical space. So far, around fifteen artists have donated works as raffle prizes. Raffle tickets will be sold online and at the opening of the exhibition.

In addition, there will be an ARTTalk on November 12 from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. as part of the exhibition.

“Before your eyes”

When: Oct 4 to Nov 27; Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturdays 11 am-3pm; First Fridays 6 pm-9pm
Or: 101 Abney Street, Greenville
Admission: FREE
Info: artcentergreenville.org Where tigerstrikesasteroid.com

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