Atlantic Beach Metal Shop collecting supplies for SWFL

Main Made Studios owner David Main grew up in Naples and collects supplies for recovery and reconstruction efforts in his hometown.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Cleanup after the devastation caused by Hurricane Ian continues, but full reconstruction of some communities could take years. Thousands of people in Southwest Florida are in desperate need of supplies, and a small business owner in Atlantic Beach plans to help them.

As you walk through the front door of Main Made Studios in Atlantic Beach, a pile of paper towels, sports drinks, bandages, and plastic utensils catches your eye…not exactly materials you’d typically see. in a metal workshop.

David Main normally spends his day soldering, but this week the owner of the custom metal design studio is adding a supplies collector to his to-do list.

“We spent thousands of dollars getting bleach, odor strips, scrubbers, trash bags and cleaning stuff,” said Main, a native of Naples, Florida, and who has still lots of family and friends in Southwest Florida. After Hurricane Ian, Main was on a mission.

“We took the back roads all the way down,” Main recalls, “part of I-75 was trashed and the day after we arrived I-75 collapsed near Punta Gorda, it’s so completely underwater.”

Last weekend, Main brought a huge truckload of supplies to help those in need after the hurricane.

“We worked Friday through Sunday, the whole time we ripped drywall, insulation and flooring from 11 homes and 3 businesses,” said Main, who didn’t stop helping.

“We’re going to keep going back,” said Main, who doesn’t limit his list of necessary supplies to just building materials, “we’re going to bring cleaning supplies, necessities like clothes, diapers and feminine products, all those things.”

Like the metal objects he builds, Main knows that recovery efforts in Southwest Florida will be stronger with a solid base of support. Support he knows northeast Florida is ready to provide.

“If you’re already working paycheck to paycheck and you’re in a blue-collar situation, it’s a financial burden and people still need help,” Main said, “maybe they need a Home Depot gift card or maybe they just need someone to show up and tear up the drywall and put bleach on the walls so their house doesn’t get doesn’t fill with mold and needs to be torn down Any way people can help is a good thing.

Main Made Studios collects supplies from their Atlantic Beach studio (155 D, Levy Rd, Atlantic Beach, FL 32233) and also accepts cash through their company’s online store. David Main plans to return to Napoli every other week to continue helping with the rebuilding and recovery effort.

More details on Main Made Studios recovery efforts can be found on their instagram: @main_made

If you are interested in other works from Main Made Studios, here is a link to their website:

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