A famous ceramist Fawn awarded with the Polonian Award 2022

Fawn’s Ron Korczynski is proud of his 100% Polish heritage.

A renowned ceramic artist for more than 20 years, Korczynski, 79, is the recipient of the 2022 Outstanding Polonian Award from the Pittsburgh Chapter of the Kosciuszko Foundation.

An awards luncheon in his honor is scheduled for Sunday at the Edgewood Country Club.

Korczynski’s childhood revolved around 11th Avenue in Harrison and working in the market for his Polish grandparents, Napierkowski.

Her parents were the late Roman and Emily (Napierkowski) Korczynski of Harrison.

“It’s really an honor. I didn’t expect that,” Korczynski said of the award. “I have a strong Polish heritage.”

The Kosciuszko Foundation was founded in 1925 to promote close ties between Poland and the United States.

Korczynski’s work has been featured in numerous books, including ‘500 Bowls’, ‘Teapots and Collectors’ and ‘Ceramic Design’.

He has published two books, “Ron Korczynski, Ceramic Artist” and “Birds Are Neat”.

He and his wife, Judy, maintain a studio and art gallery adjacent to their home.

Korczynski has no intention of slowing down his ceramic making and he works about six hours, five days a week.

“I’ll do this until the day I die or I’m disabled. I love him so much,” Korczynski said.

Joyce Hanz | Tribune-Review

Ceramic artist Ron Korczynski, 79, of Fawn, presents a fish-themed platter on Friday, September 30, 2022, in his home studio.

As a youth, Korczynski worked alongside family members at Napierkowski, first serving customers and later helping to make homemade Polish kiszka (fresh pork blood sausage) and chopping Polish meats. .

Napierkowski closed in the 1980s.

“We had to go to Peter’s Market in Cleveland yesterday to stock up on authentic kielbasa and kiszka. It’s the closest he had growing up,” Judy Korczynski said.

Korczynski graduated from Indiana University in Pennsylvania with a Masters in Art Education.

Korczynski taught art for 32 years in the Highland School District.

His early artistic career focused on functional stoneware pottery.

Today, he devotes himself exclusively to ceramics.

A large platter can take up to a month from start to finish.

With vibrant colors, animal themes and detailed designs, Korczynski’s use of color and design is elaborate.

One of her favorite trays features a bunny design in honor of her daughter’s late pet rabbit, Izzy.

Fish is the dominant theme in his works, along with bees, horses, frogs, reptiles and birds.

Korczynski thanks his wife for helping him achieve all his successes and artistic achievements.

“I couldn’t do all of this without her,” he said Friday in his home studio.

Korczynski’s ceramics are sold at several Pittsburgh businesses, including Ligonier’s Main Exhibit Gallery and the Greensburg Art Center.

“He feels honored that they felt enough for him and his work that they chose him,” his wife said.

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